What Should I Wear When I Come For Treatment?

Please wear comfortable clothes (no jeans). As you may be asked to remove your shirt and/or pants, make sure to wear appropriate underwear.


What Can I Expect From A Treatment?

Treatments are always gentle, safe, pain-free and side effect free. The word “treatment” simply describes a process of tapping into the body’s intelligence to restore the flow of cellular information and help that body intelligence reorganize itself efficiently and optimally as designed by nature.

The actual treatment is done by the body itself in the weeks following an appointment, so patients are usually seen only every two or three weeks.

It is impossible to know in advance how many appointments are needed. It depends on the patient's health, the nature of the problem, and the body's capacity to respond to the treatment. If a patient does not experience any improvement of his or her condition after three treatments, the treatment course is usually discontinued.