La liste suivante a été préparée par le Dr. Bruno Chikly, M.D., D.O. (hon.)


- Stress
- Fatigue
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic monocleosis
- Autonomic dystonia
- Chronic pain
- Sleeping disorders
- Snoring
- Detoxification: fasting, dieting, tobacco withdrawal, withdrawal from other substance dependency
- Toxic chemical poisoning
- Jet lag
- Alcohol hangover
- Metabolic effects on cholesteral, uric acid, etc.


- Headaches
- Migraines
- Vertigo
- Stroke, hemiplegia, apoplexia
- Concussions
- Spinal injuries
- Cerebral palsy
- Neuralgia facial, facial paralysis
- Parkinson's disease
- Multiple sclerosis
- Memory disorder
- Facial nerve paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, Bell's palsy)
- Epilepsy


- Menstruation (PMS, painful or hemorrhagic menstrues, breast pain or swollen breasts
- Pregnancy (stretch marks)
- Swollen legs, varicose veins
- Breast feeding: breast soreness, cracks or fissures, prevention or treatment of scarring, anti-infection
- Aberrations of normal development or involution
- Infertility


- Acne vulgaris
- Rosacea
- Seborrhea
- Chronic and allergic eczema
- Perioral dermatitis
- Chloasma
- Certain pigmentation spots


- Wrinkles: Lymph Drainage hydrates the skin, nurtures wrinkles, removes toxins, regenerate skin tissue, tones skin and relaxes facial muscles
- Skin complexion
- Erythrosis (telangiectasia or couperose)
- Hematosis
- "Bags" under the eyes
- Adiposis, cellulite
- Sagging breasts

Gastroenterology (esophagus, intestines) - Hepatology (liver)

- Chronic constipation
- Chronic gastritis, gastroenteritis, stress ulcers, enterocolitis, chronic colitis
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis
- Chronic appendicitis
- Chronic pancreatic insufficiency, chronic pancreatitis
- Hemorrhoids, anal fissure
- Chronic hepatits
- Food poisoning


- Lymph Drainage Therapy is a very good tehcnique to use with elderly people because of its profound effects on tissue regeneration and oxygenation, deep cleansing of the body, immune stimulation, stress release, and health maintenance.
- Cerebral degeneration, memory loss

Infectious Disease

- Chronic amygdalitis, pharyngiitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, otitis, syringitis
- Chronic sinusitis frontalis
- Chronic sinusitis maxillaris
- Allergic nasal cattarh


- Visual acuity
- Scotomas
- Cataracts
- Chronic edema of the eyelids
- etc.


- Trauma
- Hematoma
- Sprain
- Dislocation, subluxation
- Ligament and meniscus pathologies
- Fracture
- Post-fracture or post-sprain symptoms (pain, discomfort etc.)


- Neck pain, whiplash
- Lower back pain, lumbago, lumbalgia
- Sciatica


- To improve the condition of muscles before and after a sporting event (helps remove waste and acid lactic in the tissues)
- Muscle spasms
- Sports trauma
- Sprains, dislocations, etc.
- Muscle cramps or pain
- Ligamentous and meniscal lesions
- Fractures (in or out of cast)
- Scars/Fibrosis


- Pre-surgery: prepares the tissue for the intervention, drains the tissue, clears the lymph passages before the post-surgical edema
- Post-surgery (liver drainage etc.)
- Scars, fibrosis (cicatrization effect, anti-pain, anti-infection) etc.
- For any surgery removing major lymph nodes (tumor removal, post-mastectomy, post-prostatectomy, post-hysterectomy, post-ovariectomy, post-nephrectomy, ORL surgery)
- Post-phlebitis and post-thrombosis surgery
- Post-trauma surgery
- Limb amputation
- Prosthetic surgery
- Burns
- Oral surgery, face surgery, face-lifting, ear-lifting

Otorhinolaryngology - ORL

- Tinnitus (tinkling, ringing or buzzing in the ear)
- Vertigo
- Hearing loss, otosclerosis
- Meniere's disease
- Dry eyes and mouth


Lymph Drainage Therapy can be applied to children for all diseases listed.

Pneumology, Allergology

- Chronic bronchitis
- Bronchial Asthma
- Emphysema
- Post-pleuritic disorders
- Hay fever


- Arthrosis
- Rheumatoid arthritis, polyarthrtis
- Gout
- Anlylosing spondylitis
- Fibromyalgia syndrome
- Osteoporosis
- Tennis elbow
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Spasmodic torticollis
- Lumbago, lumbalgia
- etc.

Urology, Nephrology (bladder, kidney)


Lymph Drainage Therapy can be applied the same manner to many animals.