15,000 yen payable in cash only at the end of the visit.

A visit lasts from about 30 to 45 minutes for adults and 15 to 30 minutes (sometimes more) for babies and children.

Cancellation policy

If you cannot make an appointment, please call the clinic as soon as possible so your appointment can be given to another patient. Appointments cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice during business hours or no shows will be charged the full fee.

Please arrive on time so you can relax before the treatment. If you are late, your visit will be shorter in fairness to the patients after you. Appointments are scheduled in a way to minimize patients' waiting time. However, due to the nature of the osteopathic treatment, the duration of each visit is never the same, so allow sufficient time between your appointment and any other appointment you may have after. If the patient before you needs more time for his or her treatment, please kindly wait. You may be the one needing a longer session next time. Thank you.


Visits are reimbursed by most private health insurances but not by the Japanese public health insurance. It is the responsibility of patients to check, prior to their visit, their coverage and the procedure for reimbursement.

Please be specific regarding the "description of services" that you need the clinic to write down on your claim forms and receipts. Only one claim form will be completed and one receipt issued per visit. Claim forms sent to the clinic or documents requested after office visits will have to be picked up at the clinic.