Treatments For Newborns, Babies, Children and Pregnant Women

Treatments use only a light touch of 5 grams or less. They are 100% gentle, non-invasive and safe.


Pre and Post-Natal Treatments

Pre-natal treatments improve the general health and well-being of mother and baby, facilitate pregnancy and delivery while providing relief from most of the symptoms associated with the birth process.

Post-natal treatments help a newborn grow to the best of its abilities by detecting and correcting hidden obstetrical lesions (in particular in deliveries involving a cesarean or forceps) that may hinder growth and cause future problems. Evaluation and treatment can be performed at any stage in a baby’s development and are highly recommended in the weeks following birth. One visit is usually enough to detect and correct basic problems. They also address most common condittions such as:

• Insomnia and crying to excess
• Regurgitation, colic, diarrhea, constipation, reflux
• Plagiocephaly (asymmetry of cranium)
• Respiratory distress
• Otitis, sinusitis
• Hyperirritability of the nervous system
• Sucking and breast feeding difficulties
• Poor muscle tone
• Etc.


Treatments For Children

Treatments help them be more balanced, more focused, more in touch with themselves and in better health. They also address a wide range of conditions such as:

• Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD)
• Learning difficulties and concentration deficit
• Reading difficulties, dyslexia
• Asthma
• Autism, Asperger’s syndrome
• Scoliosis and motor-coordination impairments
• Teeth and jaw misalignment
• Side effects of orthodontic braces (headaches, scoliosis)
• Otitis, sinusitis
• Fears, phobias, emotional difficulties